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Our office participates in the Medicare Diabetic Therapeutic Shoe program and we offer custom shoes.  Please visit the below links to browse the selection of shoes.

•Achilles Tendonitis


•Ankle Sprain


•Athlete's Foot




•Children's Feet



•Flat Feet

•Foot and Ankle Injuries

•Foot Health


•Forefoot Surgery

•Fungal Nails

•Ganglion Cyst


•Haglund's Deformity/ Retrocalcaneal Exostosis

•Hallus Valgus / Bunion Deformity

•Hallux Rigidus

•Hammertoe Deformity

•Heel Fissuring

•Heel Pain

•High Arched Feet / Pes Cavus


•Ingrown Toenails

•Morton's Neuroma

•Nail Injury

•Nail Problems

•Plantar Fasciitis/heel spur syndrome

•Plantar Wart

•Rearfoot Surgery

•Rheumatoid Arthritis

•Subungual Exostosis

•Tailor's Bunion / Bunionette


•Venous Stasis



Below is a list of some common foot and ankle disorders that we treat through medical, surgical and biomechanical techniques.

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